PARTNAIR&SEA Group is at the service of its customers’ supply chain, reactive in the search for global, sustainable and ingenious solutions on markets and for products with strong constraints. For import, export, crosstrade (country A to country B), we propose the appropriate solutions for the transport of your products and your market constraints.

Air freight

As the fastest international transport solution to meet our customers’ time constraints, our teams study the routing best suited to the time/price/carbon footprint triptych.

In contract with airlines worldwide, we meet your requirements whatever the final destination. We offer groupage solutions on certain destinations, allowing you to benefit from advantageous prices.

Our aircraft chartering service will find competitive and ingenious solutions if the ultimate solution is the provision of a complete aircraft.

Products and/or destinations with strong constraints are our added value!

Sea freight

The most competitive solution to meet strong price and volume constraints, our maritime experts evaluate the best solutions for the provision of containers thanks to a large panel of shipping companies.

We help you to optimize your transport costs while improving the efficiency of your supply chain.

Rail Freight

A solution to improve your carbon footprint while respecting your economic constraints.

Faster than most maritime solutions and much less expensive than air freight, rail solutions are increasingly sought after to cover long distances between Europe and China with 5 times less C02 emissions than maritime transport.

Road freight

The most appropriate solution for short distances or last mile deliveries, road freight is also still widely used for intra-European transport, but also for destinations such as the Maghreb countries, Russia, Turkey and even China. It can then be combined with rail or Ro-Ro solutions.

The development of biofuels or new motorizations (hydrogen or electric) should make it possible to combine in the next few years the economic efficiency of road freight with the reduction of C02 emissions.

Multimodal Transport

Combined transport solution SEA-AIR / AIR-TRUCK / SEA-TRUCK allowing to answer problems of costs and frequency of services.

From Asia or North America to the whole of Europe, North Africa or French-speaking African countries. Our integrated customs service allows us to manage transit in a very short time.


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