AUTOMOTIVE ASK YOUR QUOTE Précédent Suivant The automotive industry is facing major challenges, especially in terms of technological innovation. It must therefore surround itself with agile, responsive and flexible stakeholders in its supply chain, which is particularly strategic in a highly competitive just-in-time environment. Whether it concerns the transport of prototypes, new or vintage vehicles,… Continue reading AUTOMOTIVE


Live animals ASK YOUR QUOTE Précédent Suivant The transport of live animals requires an excellent command of veterinary controls, as well as a perfect knowledge of the rules for the protection of animal health on the ground and during transport. Our AVI IATA trained teams organize the transport of farm animals or pets while guaranteeing… Continue reading LIVE ANIMALS


Infrastructure Construction / Energy ASK YOUR QUOTE Précédent Suivant Whether in the energy or public works sector, the logistics of large projects require in-depth expertise in international transport and excellent knowledge of the terrain in the most remote areas. The search for efficiency and productivity gains on construction sites are directly linked to good supply… Continue reading INFRASTRUCTURES


LUXURY ASK YOUR QUOTE Précédent Suivant Luxury and its know-how are part of France’s cultural and economic DNA. They are a major asset of the French economy. Know-how, quality, exclusivity are the notions that come to mind when one thinks of luxury and these are the same notions that qualify the values of PARTNAIR&SEA since… Continue reading LUXURY


ASK YOUR QUOTE Précédent Suivant Our control tower dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry guarantees the optimization of our clients’ supply chain from order processing, warehousing, repackaging, distribution and temperature-controlled transport. In a healthcare supply chain where health regulations are increasingly strict, PARTNAIR&SEA Healthcare Solutions teams ensure product integrity and respect for delivery deadlines. As the… Continue reading HEALTHCARE


General Cargo ASK YOUR QUOTE Précédent Suivant GENERAL CARGO With more than 30 years of expertise in the field of international transport and logistics, PARTNAIR & SEA Group offers solutions to all sectors of activity by adapting to each of our clients’ constraints: Delivery times, volume and and particular dimensions of the transported products, fragility… Continue reading GENERAL CARGO