ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS Electronics is at the heart of the development of the Internet of Things, whose market in France is estimated at 15.2 billion euros. Its leverage effect for the aeronautics, aerospace and naval industries is unparalleled, and demand is growing exponentially. In order to face these challenges and the risks of shortage,… Continue reading ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS


NAVAL Précédent Suivant NAVAL Shipbuilding is a jewel among the treasures of the French sea. With cutting-edge technical know-how, high-level maritime research and a real commercial dynamism, the French industry ranks 6th in the world and exports more than 60% of its production. Whether for cruise ships, naval vessels, pleasure craft or yachts, the supply… Continue reading NAVAL


AERONAUTICS Précédent Suivant AERONAUTICS With an order book of more than 7,000 aircraft, AIRBUS and all the players in the French aeronautics industry are making this high-tech industry industry around the world and are working to meet tomorrow’s challenges in terms of the new challenges of tomorrow in terms of innovation and decarbonization. Whether it’s… Continue reading AERONAUTICS